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Upwind Service

The Perfect Bridge Between Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Quick Details

Additional Hour

Improve your kiteboarding skills here in Houston!

  • Upwind service is designed for riders who have taken their lessons and are self-sufficient, but still struggle to stay up-wind. Struggling to stay upwind is common for the first few sessions after lessons.
  • When you book an upwind session, the instructor will make sure you get on and off the water safely, as well as keep you in the training area.
  • Instructors will also check your gear when launching to make sure you rigged your new equipment up properly.
  • This service is designed to be a “bridge” between buying your own equipment at the shop and using it for the first time on your own.
  • Clients usually purchase their gear from the shop between the first and second lesson or second and third lesson, which allows them to have some time with the gear during lessons.
  • Upwind service will ensure you are comfortable and safe kiteboarding on your own equipment.

More Info

  • Upwind services are available 7 days a week
  • Please select your most preferred time frame with the understanding that exact timing of lessons will be confirmed a day prior and based on wind conditions
  • All lessons need to be confirmed via phone the day before the session, so booking online needs to be done at least 24hrs in advance