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Wingfoil Lesson

A Thrilling Experience

Quick Details


Come here in Houston and learn how to ride a wingfoil!

  • Wingfoil lessons are sold per half-day session (2hrs) and in most cases; unless you have foiling experience, you will need 2 sessions.
  • Wing foil rentals are available only to clients who have taken at least one course.
  • Each session is about 2 hours and will cover the hydrofoil day 1 and wing and hydrofoil day two.
  • We utilize the Efoils for the first session but it is taken on a case by case basis.

More Info

  • Wingfoil lessons are available 7 days a week
  • Please select your most preferred time frame with the understanding that exact timing of lessons will be confirmed a day prior and based on wind conditions
  • All lessons need to be confirmed via phone the day before the session, so booking online needs to be done at least 24hrs in advance